ABLE Instruments

ABLE was founded to fill the void created by the rigid supply nature of instrumentation manufacturers and the lack of engineering and support capability exhibited by traditional representative organisations. ABLE broke the mould of box shifting distribution and reliance on the manufacturer for service and application support. We also bucked the trend in producing non-standard product variations to meet specific customer needs. ABLE’s success is built on these principles, realising the original concept of its foundation. We are now in our fourth decade of operation and the culture of striving for customer satisfaction in all aspects of our operation continues to drive our growth.

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ABLE has implemented a structure and diversity to ensure comprehensive engineering and support capability throughout the solution providing process and over the life of the equipment. Aim is to provide high quality equipment & service, expertise and support, and the best possible commercial solution. ABLE today is positioned as a full value add supply partner to our customers and principals alike.

With access to a comprehensive range of instrument technologies, from the traditional to the very latest cutting-edge innovations, ABLE can offer the best available solution to meet the demands of the measurement.

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Primary Measurement Technologies:
Flow | Level | Pressure | Temperature | Oil in Water | Gas Analysis | Liquid Analysis

ABLE also supplies a range of high-quality relative humidity & temperature and light measurement sensors/transmitters designed as peripheral detection devices for the BMS/HVAC industries. The RH & T transmitters are available in wall and duct mounting configurations with two-wire functionality and options for 2 and 3% accuracy. The light sensors are configured for either inside or outside applications, with ranges from 2000 to 20,000 Lux.

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