CorDEX Instruments

247able is the leading UK distributor and stockist for CorDEX instruments. As a recognised global authority in the design and manufacturing of intrinsically safe tools and instrumentation, CorDEX produces some of the finest intrinsically safe cameras and lighting products in the industry, including CorDEX ToughPIX Digitherm Intrinsically Safe Thermal Imaging / Digital Camera and comprehensive Intrinsically Safe Lighting range amongst others.

As well as cameras and lighting, we stock and supply CorDEX infrared-windows including IW2000, IW3000 and IW4000 models as well as the UT5000 intrinsically safe thickness gauge. Further to the above, 247able also stock the CorDEX Instruments range of MONITIR Industrial panel mounted and automation Thermal Imagers, the MN4000 and MN4100.

Lastly, 247able also offer stock of all recommended accessories and spares including the hot swappable intrinsically safe battery EXIS-740. If you need any CorDEX products on a short turnaround, we will deliver any in-stock item the next day if your order is placed before 4.00pm.

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