InFlux Measurements

The Variable Area (VA) Flowmeter is an instrument for measuring the flow of liquids and gases in pipelines. It includes a vertical tube through which the fluid flows, whose diameter increases from the bottom to the top, and a float which can move vertically in the tube. 247able are proud to offer the rugged and dependable InFlux (VA) Flow Meter series.

Influx Measurements manufacture a comprehensive range of direct reading flowmeters combining, versatility, practicality and accuracy for the measurement of gas and liquid flowrates. They are available in standard, compact and long series as well as a range of materials and are suitable for panel or inline mounting. They offer either fine or ultrafine needle control valve options as well as high visibility and ease of installation. A wide range of standard and customised scales are available to meet even the most specific requirements. The iMT Metal Tube flowmeter features a high visibility, direct reading scale with options for remote switching or 4 to 20 mA output. It is well suited to high pressure, temperature and harsh environmental conditions.

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