247able are the leading UK distributor, stockist and service provider of Landis & Gyr residential heat and cooling meters.

The ULTRAHEAT series represents the new generation of ultrasonic thermal energy meters, specifically developed and optimized to meet residential needs. These meters have many noteworthy features; they are light in weight, robust, economic efficiency, user-friendly.

Did you know? In conjunction with Landi+Gyr meters and accessories 247able offer a range of energy services, whilst also leading the digital transformation of water utilities by enabling automated and remote meter reading using the communication network that many IoT applications use, LoRa. Email us now at [email protected]

All available heat and cooling meters are shown in order of pipe size (smallest to largest) below:

Superior efficiency means greater economy

Ultrasonic heat and cooling meters such as the T230, present a viable alternative to mechanical meters. The ultrasonic meter has no moving parts, unlike its mechanical rival. This means that it is less affected by wear and tear which ensures a high and stable accuracy throughout its entire lifetime. As well as facilitating more accurate billing, this also enhances data quality. Furthermore, intelligent comms M-Bus Interface (optional) and rapid response enables efficient detection of leaks, bursts, reverse flows etc. and thereby lower the amount of Non-Revenue Water in your distribution network and prevent revenue loss.

The Landis+Gyr ULTRAHEAT T550 (UH50…) heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meter has been designed specifically for the varied applications of heat and cold measurement: It meets the particular requirements of district heating and cooling, local heat and building installation. Whether for a detached house, apartment building or special tariff customer – the dimension and the specific scope of the T550 are always right. Modularity and flexibility of individual software settings facilitate easy adaptation to your requirements and applications.

A new standard for flow rate measurement with customised communication

As with the T230, the T550 is an ultrasonic flow meter, without moving parts. The design is robust and durable and needs no straight pipe sections, saving space and money. A wide, constantly expanding range of communication modules serves to future proof the ULTRAHEAT T550 (UH50… Two serial slots allow using parallel communication ways. A standard optical interface allows reading out consumption values over a hand-held terminal and enables a smooth integration in different systems.

The ULTRAHEAT / ULTRACOLD T230 and T550 are MID Class 2 and EN1434 approved products.

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