247able are a leading UK distributor, stockist and service provider of Micronics clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, designed for industry and commerce.

Micronics offer a comprehensive selection of flow measurement solutions, including portable ‘Time of Flight’ clamp-on flow meters such as the Portaflow range, whist also offering ‘Doppler’ technology if required.

Micronics full list of instruments include portable and fixed meters based on the use of non invasive ultrasonic sound transmission. This detects liquid flow velocity within closed pipes or open channels.

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All available fixed and portable ultrasonic clamp-on meters are shown in order of pipe size (smallest to largest) below:

Types of Flow Meter
The two types of Flow Meter available are Transit Time (Time of Flight) and Doppler. Both are available in a clamp-on meter style with transducers. These are used to detect and then measure flow rates from the outside of the pipework, without any interruption to flow or process. Ultrasonic clamp on flow meters readings are altered by acoustic properties of fluids and impacted by density, viscosity, temperature and suspended particulates. These are all dependent on the type of flow meter.

You will find the full range of Micronics Clamp-On Flow and Heat Meters below, including PortaFlow 222, Portaflow 333, U1000MKII and UF3300 brands.

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