ABLE’s association with Rheonik dates back to the Millennium and, apart from a short-lived acquisition by the General Electric Company in 2008 (to 2014), we have operated as their exclusive partner for sales and service in the UK & Ireland throughout.

Since Rheonik’s inception in 1984, they have become one of the leading global manufacturers of Coriolis mass flowmeters. With highly accurate measurement performance and extreme capabilities, Rheonik meters are a natural choice for many applications and quickly provide payback through improved product quality and greatly reduced maintenance. Whether used for transfer, batching, process feed or control, Rheonik meters can provide precision online flow and density measurement.

Standing apart from other Coriolis meters, the Omega tube design of Rheonik meters provides measurement solutions for operation up to 1722 bar (24,969 psi) line pressure at a precision of 0,05 % and with renowned mechanical reliability. Rheonik products deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of flow volumes and pressures.

Significant milestones on Rheonik’s development roadmap are the introduction of the smallest Coriolis on the market at 0.7m, able to measure drip flow of less than 1g/min; the first 3” solution for 350 deg C at 100 bar pressure for Shell; first Tantalum sensors for aggressive acids; custody transfer approval based on OIML R117; introduction of a 12” meter – the largest Coriolis on the market; first 1000 bar sensors for hydrogen fuelling with subsequent approval based on OIML 139.

With sizes available to fit line sizes from ¼” to 12”, Rheonik always has a meter to meet your requirements. A wide range of process connections are available to suit most applications. Where a special fitting or weld-in-place is required, Rheonik can provide engineering services and custom design the right inlet/outlet arrangement for your needs. A range of wetted materials is offered as standard, each with its own set of pressure ratings depending upon line size. Custom materials are always possible by special application.

Rheonik process mass flow transmitters have clear, easy-to-read local displays and intuitive, menu-driven setup and configuration functions. All include diagnostics for fault finding and performance tuning. Features include low-flow cutoff, response time, multiple I/O, selectable units and output range scaling capabilities. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory, and I/O is galvanically or optically isolated.

A Rheonik measurement solution consists of an RHM flow meter and an RHE transmitter. See the product options below and let our experts assist you to create the optimum system for your flow measurement needs.

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