ABLE are the sole representative for sales and service of the acclaimed range of WEKA Magnetic Level Gauges (MLG).

Their application versatility and compact design, with the facility to combine three functions into one device ( level display, switch and transmitter), offers a safer alternative to traditional sight glasses, with significantly better visibility. Furthermore, the glandless design is completely leak proof. Its robust metal construction makes it as secure as a vessel.

A WEKA’s MLG has a large Makrolon Red/White display, which can be read from considerable distances and doesn’t consume any energy, operating as it does, on the principle of conductivity, using magnetism to link the indicator in a gauge to a float inside of a vessel in order to accurately show the level of fluid within. As the position of the float changes, the indicator moves up or down by the same amount, meaning that the level in the measuring chamber will always be the same as the fluid level in the vessel itself.

WEKA offers chamber configurations to suit any vessel process connections. Standard options include switches, reed chain transmitters, magnetostrictive transmitters or insulation for cryogenic applications. Exotic chamber materials or economic ‘mini’ chamber versions, particularly for refrigeration applications, are also available.

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Headline features are as follows:

  • Screwed or flanged (ANSI or DIN) process connections
  • Pressures up to 630 bar
  • Temperatures to 450°C
  • Minimum S.G. 0.30
  • Suitable for intrinsically safe and Exd hazardous areas
  • Custom chamber designs available
  • Improved safety due to the absence of fragile glass and a substantially reduced number of potential leak points.
  • Greatly increased visibility.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Easier initial installation and addition of transmitters and switches without interrupting the process.
  • Dual-technology redundancy, with the addition of transmitters or switches, for improved safety.
  • Lower long-term cost of ownership and legitimate return-on-investment benefits.
  • Single chamber measurement over 20 ft. (6 m) without staggering chambers.

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