Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

Industrial production uses a variety of complex measurement instrumentation devices to monitor and control the manufacture and quality of goods and materials. However, some of the most advanced tools rely solely on basic principles of physics. A Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is a good example of this – although there is a considerable amount of physics going on inside the instrument, it isn’t as complicated as you might imagine.

Coriolis mass flowmeters are highly accurate and dependable. They are also completely immune to swirl and other fluid disturbances, which means they may be located virtually anywhere in a piping system with no need at all for straight-run pipe lengths, upstream or downstream of the meter.

Coriolis can process a wide range of measurable fluids, including high viscosity fluids, liquid-solid two-phase fluids, liquid-gas two-phase fluids containing trace gases, and medium and high-pressure gases of sufficient density.

The meter’s natural ability to measure true mass flow directly, along with its characteristic linearity and accuracy, makes Coriolis ideally suited for custody transfer / fiscal applications.

Unaffected by pressure, temperature, viscosity and offering high levels of precision, make the technology ideal for critical applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and chemical processing / oil & gas.

Rheonik’s Omega design further augments the superiority of Coriolis technology by facilitating increased tube wall thickness for high pressure (full design pressure without secondary containment) and higher temperature applications. The higher wall thickness also provides long-term stability and safety margin against potential abrasion and corrosion.

Rheonik are the world leader in high pressure meters for Hydrogen dispensing. From the very outset, Rheonik has worked with all major hydrogen suppliers to produce accurate flow meters which expertly manage the extremely high pressures associated with hydrogen distribution and dispensing. Rheonik Coriolis mass flow meters play a major role in ensuring energy from renewable energy sources remains part of our day-to-day energy makeup.

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