Flow Switches

ABLE Instruments are the official representative for Magnetrol within the UK, which includes the Thermatel Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch TD1/TD2. Thermatel TD1/TD2 switches can easily be adjusted to detect flow in gases and liquids. The TD1 is a 24 V DC line powered unit with integral electronics and a built-in DPDT relay. The TD2 is either V DC or V AC line powered, has integral or remote electronics and offers additionally LED indication, time delay and mA output for diagnostics and trending.

The TD1/TD2 is particularly popular for pump protection, where the proven low flow detection capabilities of its unique spherical tip design, is especially effective in preventing pumps from running dry.

With continuous diagnostics, automatic temperature compensation, narrow hysteresis and fast response time, the TD1 & TD2 bring you the latest in thermal dispersion technology.

The unit utilises proven thermal dispersion technology. The sensor consists of two RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) elements. One is the reference and the second is heated to a temperature above that of the process. The electronics detect the temperature difference between the two elements. The temperature difference is greatest in air, then decreases when cooling occurs due to a change in media. An increase in the flow rate further decreases the temperature difference.

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