Magnetrol Level Transmitters

Radar has been part of the level measurement market for more than thirty years. The early designs used in tank gauging were heavy, expensive, power-hungry and complex. Advancements in radar circuitry have evolved the modern radar transmitter so that now it is light, inexpensive, loop-powered and easy to use. The Magnetrol R82 Radar Level Transmitter is the logical extension of that evolution and is available in both safe area and intrinsically safe variants, with 50mm or 200mm encapsulated PP or ETFE antennas.

This range of microwave-based radars can be considered the answer to almost every common level measurement imaginable.

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Model R82
The R82 Pulse Burst Radar transmitters emit short bursts 26GHz of energy to a liquid surface and incorporate ultra-high speed timing circuitry to measure the duration of the of the return signal reflected off the liquid surface. Distance is then calculated using the equation:

Distance = C x Transit Time/2, (where C = Speed of Light)

Liquid level is then calculated by applying the user’s tank height and sensor offset values.

Model R96
The Pulsar Model R96 is the latest generation of loop-powered, 24 VDC, non-contact radar level transmitters. It has a longer measurement range, improved diagnostics and is easier to use than most loop-powered radar transmitters.

Its 6GHz operating frequency offers superior performance in the tougher applications of turbulence, foam, and heavy vapours. It has a range of up to 130 ft and is SIL 2 capable with Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) = 92.7% (FMEDA available upon request)

Model R80
Completing the Pulsar family of non-contact radar transmitters is the Model R80. This loop-powered device utilises Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology at 80GHz for enhanced performance , proactive diagnostics, and various configuration wizards for simplicity in deployment.

Its 4-button keypad and graphic LCD facilitate convenience viewing of configuration parameters and echo curve. As with the R96, the R80 is SIL2 certified (92.3% SFF with full FMEDA report available).

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