Magnetic Level Gauges

ABLE are pleased to offer the WEKA range of magnetic visual level indicators (VLIs) with their Swiss quality, compact design and their ability to address a wide range of applications.

Magnetic visual level indicators combine up to three functions in one device: level display, switch and transmitter. The display, which is readable across large distances, does not use any energy and operates on the principle of conductivity.  Using magnetism to link the indicator in a gauge to a float inside of a vessel in order to accurately show the level of fluid within. As the position of the float changes, the indicator moves up or down by the same amount, meaning that the level in the measuring chamber will always be the same as the fluid level in the vessel itself.

WEKA magnetic visual level indicators impress thanks to their compact design and their wide range of applications. The patented magnetic guide tape integrated within the indication rail ensures the float bar magnet is always aligned like a compass needle to the polarized flags and switches. This ensures continuous reliability of the indicating, switching and transmitter control functions.

WEKA Magnetic Level Gauges provide a safer alternative to traditional sight glasses due to their glandless construction, which is completely leak-proof. The pressure boundary of the MLG is made of robust metal making it strong and safe as a vessel.

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