Choosing the right energy meter – 5 point checklist to help you decide

Energy Metering  |  Thursday, 22nd September

When it comes to choosing an energy meter it’s not as simple as it may seem – there are many options on the market and the meter you pick will have a big impact. Multical 403, the latest product from Kamstrup, could make the decision making process easier with a host of innovative technologies.

When picking out the right energy meter there are many different things to consider that will impact on a range of areas, including how much time will need to be allocated for installing the product, how often maintenance is likely to be required and how easy it is to take a reading. When selecting a new heat meter try asking these five questions to pick one that will help cut resource use.

1. How easy is the meter to install?

While installation is a small part of what you need to consider, picking an option that is simple saves money. If installing an energy meter is fiddly and requires a lot of tools it will undoubtedly take longer to fit than one that has been designed with the installation process in mind. Ease of installation means installers can be more proficient, saving you money and time. Selecting a meter that fits into narrow spaces also means you’ll be able to use the same energy meter for a range of projects, in turn speeding up the installation process as time progresses.

2. Is the meter durable?

The more durable a meter, the lower the cost of maintenance, so it’s an important factor to consider. How durable your energy meter is will partly depend on its design and the environment it’s placed in. A meter that is made from high quality materials with a rugged design will be far more durable. Picking out an energy meter that suits your needs on the durability front means that they can be virtually fit and forget, thus saving time and money spent on the maintenance process.

3. How accurate are the readings?

Accurate readings are vital for correct billing. Inaccurate information within bills can mean confusion, loss of customers and may even cost a business financially. Accurate information doesn’t only support bills though. It can give you an increased knowledge about consumption, the ability to analysis patterns and much more. Through utilising precise information you can ensure that your system and network are fully optimised, highlight where improvements should be made and flag up potential opportunities you could be missing. As a result, picking out an energy meter that you can rely on to give correct information is very important.

4. Is it easy to get a reading?

Accuracy of data coming from an energy meter is important, but so is how easy it is to take readings. Modern technology means you can receive remote readings from energy meters. The Kamstrup Multical 403 offers full support of remote reading, helping to give quick access to all information needed. You can choose how frequently to receive data through the network, either on a daily or hourly basis. Remote reading allows utilities to make use of the information as quickly as possible. It also saves time and money.

5. How simple is the meter to configure?

Configuring energy meters to suit current needs can be a time consuming and challenging process when using older models. However, modern technology has made the process simpler. Remote configuration means it can now be done without the associated logistical challenges and direct access to the meters. It also means that network controls, meter readings and other areas won’t be affected by the configuration.

The Multical 403 achieves this with a new built-in 2-way communication system that means it is possible to perform remote configuration of meters from outside a building, without direct access to the energy meter. It not only makes the whole process simpler and more efficient for businesses but also means customers don’t need to be unnecessarily disturbed for configurations to be performed.

Kamstrup and 247able

247able are the leading UK distributor, stockist and service provider for Kamstrup AS. All of the heat meters we supply are compliant with the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) policy and approved by the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). Included in our range is Kamstrup’s new Multical 403, which help’s save time / cost with reliable and accurate readings.

Other meters in the Kamstrup range, which come in both heating and cooling versions, could also offer the perfect solution. For instance, those that need a device installing within a tight or narrow space could benefit from using the sub-meter Multical 302, while those that require additional communication options can choose the Multical 602. There’s even a solution for high-end energy usage, with the 801 version being perfectly suited to commercial or industrial applications.

247able Energy Metering Services

Whichever Kamstrup energy meter you choose; you can benefit for 247able’s range of energy metering services. The comprehensive range of integrated energy services for the property and housing sector on offer are designed to increase energy efficiency in buildings. These services include installing energy meters, providing measurement services and consumption metering that can add value to businesses. For example, the MinuteView Web Portal gives customers access to a user-friendly software solution that’s available on mobile devices and computers. Via the portal businesses can gain complete access to their energy data and reporting at all times.

By using our services, energy suppliers can be assured they’ll have access to all required information. Our team of professionals will be on hand to help carry out tasks such as meter reading and maintenance when needed, giving peace of mind and the ability to take full advantage of the information provided.

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