ABLE Instruments & Controls are a leading international company in the field of energy management services. We offer a comprehensive range of integrated energy services for the property and housing sector, designed to increase energy efficiency in buildings.

Our range of energy metering services include:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of RHI and Mid Class 2 approved Kamstrup Multical Energy Meters
  • Consumption metering and billing of energy, water and ancillary costs
  • ‘MinuteView’ web portal for easy and convenient data management
  • Energy supply, measurement services, smart metering and billing as a complete package solution
  • Analysis of the consumption data for energy and water if required

Diagram: Heat Meter reading architecture (click to enlarge)

Billing Services

Preparing an energy bill for your tenants can be a daunting task. You can tackle this challenge quickly and efficiently with ABLE’s versatile range of products and solutions including:

Kamstrup Multical Energy Meters and Accessories
ABLE stock the full Kamstrup range of energy meters and accessories which provide the necessary basis for accurate energy billing including data collection, data reading and billing for heating, hot water, cold water and other ancillary building services.

‘MinuteView’ Web Portal
‘MinuteView’ is a user friendly web based software solution that is compatible with Kamstrup Energy Meters and available on mobile, tablet and computer allowing you complete access to your energy data and reporting instantly, at any time, no matter where you are.

Heat Consumption and SmartPay Billing
ABLE offer a range of flexible credit and prepayment billing solutions including consolidated bills for landlords, individual bills to tenants and an ABLE cash management service. Our ‘SmartPay’ billing solution includes a wireless display at tenants homes allowing them to view and pay their energy account balance via credit / debit card with the minimum of fuss. SmartPay can also be configured for full credit payment and there is no debt risk for landlords.

Diagram: SmartPay Prepayment Solution (click to enlarge)

Overall Billing for Property Managers / Landlords
Billing for properties that are made up of many separate units can be complicated due to various different parameters and calculations involved. ABLE make that work much simpler and easier as our billing model ensures you have a full and clear understanding. All costs can be seen at first glance and all relevant calculation steps are easy to follow meaning you receive a reliable and transparent overview.

Meter Reading

ABLE can offer a highly flexible meter reading service from manual to fully automatic. We ensure compliance with all meter reading deadlines and can offer regular functional testing and servicing of devices.

Manual Meter Reading
This standard manual meter reading service means consumption data is read electronically directly from the meter. This service offers precise recording of consumption values and can be easily upgraded to our more convenient ‘semi-automatic’ or ‘fully automatic remote reading’ service options below.

Semi-Automatic Meter Reading
This second tier service option means consumption data can be read from the stairwell, without the need to enter the apartment. Advantages include a reduced effort needed by yourself and your tenants (as there is no need to arrange meter reading dates) and meters in ‘hard to reach’ areas can still be read without any additional hassle.

Automatic Remote Meter Reading
Our fully automatic remote meter reading service. Kamstrup meters can transmit their consumption and operating data (via M-Bus / wireless M-Bus) to a communication unit of your choice (RadioRouter etc) and the communication unit can then re-transmit the data to our IT systems via the mobile (GPRS) network. This solution provides an automatic up-to-date basis for heating and hot-water bills and any further energy analysis, whilst also offering the highest levels of convenience for you and your tenants.

Commissioning Service

ABLE can offer a full commissioning and re-commissioning service using our factory trained team of engineers. To learn more about how ABLE can help, please contact us now at [email protected] or phone +44 (0)118 916 9420.

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