Exolum Pipeline System Ltd

ABLE Awarded Orders  |  Tuesday, 28th March

Project: Royal Portbury Dock Flow Metering System Upgrade
Location: Bristol
Products: Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Exolum Pipeline System manage an infrastructure network composed of 2,000 kilometres of oil pipelines and 24 liquid fuel storage terminals with a capacity of more than 2.5 million cubic metres. Within Exolum’s remit are the aviation fuel lines in Royal Portbury Dock, Bristol which deliver directly into the storage network serving the UK’s major airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick.

Having supplied the original clamp-on ultrasonic flow metering systems to three different sites (Portbury, Hallen Road and Redcliffe) within the network over 18 years ago, ABLE were contracted to survey the existing installations and provide any recommendations for upgrade.

Whilst the systems have provided years of reliable service, ABLE’s inspection revealed that some components were ageing and had contributed to recent electronic board failures, interrupting essential fuel deliveries. Upgrade recommendations were focused on the Portbury site as the source of the recent issues.

As testimony to the longevity and robustness of the ABLE commissioned installation, it was determined that the flow station spools were in good condition and fully serviceable, as were the underground transducer cables and the transducers themselves. However, the field junction boxes needed replacing and the CTM allocator flow computers were obsolete so had to be upgraded.

Subsequently, new JBs and the current generation flow meters, the FST030 have been procured and will be commissioned by ABLE in the near future.

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