Geo Therm Ltd selects ToughPIX DIGITHERM from CorDEX for Ex inspections

Case Studies  |  Tuesday, 4th December

Geo Therm Ltd are the leaders in Thermal Imaging, Specialist Inspections and CBM services. Working in partnership with CorDEX using the world’s first intrinsically safe digital and thermal imaging camera, the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM.

Regular infrared thermography (IRT) combined with Ex inspections are becoming an integral part of any electrical maintenance programme. The main purpose of the inspections are to report defects in a safe manner that pose a risk of injury to people or damage to property.

Geo Therm Ltd

Geo Therm Ltd, a specialist UK inspection company based in Suffolk England have long sought to detect failing equipment, to mitigate against extreme temperatures and electrical fire risks for their international clientele.

Identifying failing and non-compliant equipment is a mainstay to their business model and successful longevity, celebrating their 15th year in business in 2017.

Tony Dale, Geo Therm Ltd MD, says ‘’we have always focused on the larger international picture, with regular electrical based inspections using the latest ATEX approved equipment that is fit-for-purpose, whether inspecting in Europe, West Africa or on an offshore drilling rig in the South China Sea has kept our Company active in what has been a difficult downturn’’.

The company offers a combination of international EX and IRT Thermographic inspections amongst other inspection types at an affordable cost. Combining such inspections, and using the right equipment and willingness to travel has repeatedly proved to be their winning formula.

After winning a regional service contract with Jotun Paints, the world’s ninth largest paints manufacturer, Geo Therm Ltd inspectors now find themselves clocking-up more air miles frequenting the Middle East. Renowned for their powder and marine coatings, Jotun Paints currently operate in over 100 countries with 40 production factories in 22 countries, 12 of which are in the Middle Eastern and Asian region alone.

This Norwegian owned company headquartered in Sandefjord, appointed Geo Therm Ltd inspection services following rigorous vetting and preference for using the latest ATEX approved equipment offered by CorDEX such as the ToughPIX DIGITHERM visual imaging and infrared camera, used to great effect throughout much of Geo Therm Ltd international inspections.

CorDEX Instruments

Marcus Halliday, CorDEX Sales Manager (DIGITHERM) comments: “The combined adoption of our latest ToughPIX DIGITHERM by both Jotun & Geo Therm Ltd is indicative of the increasing importance of safety in the most challenging of work environments. We are delighted that Geo Therm Ltd has chosen the ToughPIX DIGITHERM to help document potential anomalies for their customers, ultimately keeping all involved safe.”

During a recent inspection in Saudi Arabia and the UAE Geo Therm Ltd performed four demanding back-to-back inspections in Yanbu, Jeddah Damman and Dubai during the height of the summer. Using their ToughPIX DIGITHERM visual imaging IR camera, the inspectors soon realised the kit was living up to its reputation, operating flawlessly in the intense heat and cooler air-conditioned confines of the Jotun paint production and storage rooms, where condensation can often cause havoc to lesser certified camera types.

Albeit well versed in electrical hazards and combustible atmospheres, Jotun management realise that procuring EX equipment or further contracting third-party inspections using the CorDEX range of ATEX equipment will help standardise all future inspection practices across their Middle East facilities. While helping to drive safety and improve long-term reliability and production efficiencies in a non-invasive manner.

“Naturally our team here at CorDEX feel it’s a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved, for ourselves manufacturing the right equipment at an affordable price, for Jotun Paints contracting a professional third-party inspection company effectively using the ATEX rated equipment, and Geo Therm Ltd continuing to provide their respected international inspection services to meet the needs of their clients whether in harsh or benign environments with minimal risk to their people and client equipment.” Marcus Halliday, CorDEX Sales Manager (DIGITHERM).

247able – e-commerce division of ABLE Instruments

ABLE, as the official tier one distributor for CorDEX Instruments, offer the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM intrinsically safe zone 1 thermal imaging / digital camera and accessories for purchase via CorDEX are the recognised global authority in the manufacture of Intrinsically Safe Tools & Instrumentation. Known for bringing straightforward solutions to complex safety challenges which others haven’t dared to tackle. They are copied, envied and respected across the industry.

247able are able to deliver CorDEX Instruments products globally, furthermore, any in-stock UK order placed before 16:00 will be delivered next day.

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