Choosing the right intrinsically safe camera for zone 1 hazardous areas

Intrinsically Safe Cameras  |  Wednesday, 6th December

When you’re choosing an intrinsically safe camera that you can guarantee will continue to work in a variety of zone 1 hazardous area applications, there are many factors to place on your priority list. The digital camera that you pick will have a significant impact on the tasks you’ll be completing.

On top of sourcing an intrinsically safe camera that delivers high quality images, you need one that’s going to be tough enough to endure anything your typical working day can throw it at. That means if you drop it from height, or working in sub-zero temperatures, your camera can still be relied upon. When heat imaging is important, you also don’t want to have to be swapping equipment half way through either.

But getting everything you need from a single device is no small order.

Now, there is a new intrinsically safe camera on the market that promises to pack in all the essentials you’ve been looking for, with some added features thrown in too. The all new ToughPIX Digitherm is fast becoming the essential tool for workers across a variety of industries. It’s been thoroughly put through its paces by manufacturers CorDEX Instruments – who even ran over the camera with a three-ton truck (view video below) – to ensure it’s up to standard across all aspects. The clever design and aircraft grade aluminium coating means it’s perfect for tough working environments.

Why choose the CorDEX ToughPIX Digitherm intrinsically safe camera?

If it’s time to invest in new camera equipment that helps your staff manage, maintain, and document their tasks, the ToughPIX Digitherm intrinsically safe camera could be the versatile option that you’ve been looking for. If you’re not convinced that it’s the correct tool for your application, here are eight reasons why it should be on your list of options to consider.

1. It’s rugged enough for the most challenging working environments

The ToughPIX Digitherm is designed to be effective in any zone 1 hazardous working environment. It’ll work in a huge range of temperatures, right down to -20C, and whether there’s mud, dirt, or water involved, it’ll still work just as well as it does in optimal conditions. Whether its dropped from height, blasted with water, or is being used in a dusty environment, this rugged digital / thermal camera will still be operational. With zone 1 hazardous environments posing multiple hazards, it’s the ideal choice for engineers looking for professional equipment that won’t let them down.

This camera is intrinsically safe, with the certification to prove it. It means if you’re working in hazardous areas you don’t have to worry at all about whether the camera is safe to use at all, you can just get on with the job. The camera has been designed to use in a broad range of zone 1 environments, using low voltage and current together with detailed electronic and mechanical design to eliminate risk in an explosive area. While it’s safe to use at every environment, it doesn’t mean that you’re short on features.

2. It has a rechargeable, removable battery

Ever worked in a hazardous area and the battery level indicator starts flashing but there’s no removable battery? The only solution is to wait until you get back to a safe area power source, plug it in and wait for it to charge up. This not only cuts into valuable time, but it interrupts whatever job you were in the middle of.

The ToughPIX Digitherm solves this issue. It comes with a removable rechargeable battery. The battery replacement needs to be done in a safe area so you will have to step out of the hazardous zone, but as soon as it’s inserted you’re good to go again.

3. It offers exceptional thermal imaging

Does your application require thermal imaging? The CorDEX ToughPIX Digitherm means you only need to have one imaging tool in your arsenal, it combines all the key features you would expect from a high end digital camera with infrared vision. It’s able to accurately measure temperature from -10C to 380C. It also offers adaptive thermal blending which allows to you blend all temperatures above or below a set threshold, providing you with immediate visual confirmation of compromised equipment. It’s a very useful function that will also speed up your processes while still delivering above the quality that you need.

4. It has a high-quality screen that’s protected

As with any camera, the quality of the screen is important, and the ToughPIX Digitherm intrinsically safe camera doesn’t disappoint. The full colour screen delivers clear, precise images, allowing you to improve your photo performance. With both box analysis and spot analysis built in, it’s simple to take excellent pictures and easily view them on the screen for quality assurance. When it comes to detecting the hottest or coldest points, the screen quality is imperative too.

5. It’s built in WiFi makes accessing images simple

Don’t waste time heading back to your work station to download images, the ToughPIX Digitherm camera makes it simple. The WiFi capabilities means that there’s no need to wait around and make do with lengthy waiting times. In an instant you can transfer images with just a few clicks to where they need to go, streamlining your usual processes and reducing time wasted. You can send your images directly to a PC or to a wireless enabled smartphone in a matter of seconds.

6. Its LED flash helps perfect your shots

This camera is made for ease of use, no matter the conditions. Even when the lighting is low, the high-quality LED flash ensures that the images produced are ideal for your use. Other key features are also designed to deliver the best pictures possible, including its automatic features that means it immediately adapts to your environment. If you’re frequently working in locations that are dark, the LED flash and automation will make your task of capturing images simpler.

7. It’s lightweight

Despite packing plenty of features in, the ToughPIX Digitherm camera has been carefully crafted to be lightweight (400g). That means you can do away with lugging heavy equipment around, opting instead for a compact choice that is still all about high performance. The camera combines numerous aspects in a single piece of tech, so the amount that you’re having to carry around with you is already reduced.

8. It uses removable memory cards

Knowing how frustrating it is to run out of memory, the ToughPIX Digitherm removes the problem. It comes with a removable memory card, you’ll be able to rotate between numerous memory cards to suit your needs and project without having to worry about wiping pictures you still need.

9. Make sure your intrinsically safe camera choice is purchased from a distributor with experience, excellent service and the ability support your needs anywhere in the world.

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