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  • ½” (15mm) GSD8-RFM Single Jet Hot Water Meter
  • 110mm length
  • Q3 = 2.5 m3/hr
  • Accuracy: R100-H ↑ R50-VH →
  • Max Temperature: 90°C (ISO 4064)
  • WRAS and MID approved
  • Unions / washers included
  • Direct reading on 8 numeric rolls
  • 360° rotating dry dial
  • LoRaWAN compliant if selected

½” B Meters GSD8-RFM Single Jet Hot Water Meter, Q3 = 2.5

This 15mm (½”) WRAS and MID approved B Meters GSD8-RFM Single Jet Hot Water Meter (Q3 = 2.5 m3/hr) with direct reading on 8 numerical rolls, comes with anti-fraud ring, 360° rotating lid and unions / washers included.

Furthermore, the meter is LoRaWAN / LoRa compliant (a low-power long distance networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique) which means you can wirelessly connect the water meter to the internet, enabling you to remotely monitor water consumption. When LoRaWAN is selected, the IoT water meter becomes ideal for a variety of applications such as Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture, ensuring savings on water bills.

Wired M-Bus and Wireless M-Bus data communication modules are also available.

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For your info, ABLE are the premier distributor and stockist for B Meters within the UK and are leading the digital transformation of water utilities by enabling automated and remote meter reading using the communication network that many IoT applications use, LoRa. Email us now at [email protected]

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