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  • Meter Length of 260mm
  • Threaded Ultraflow 54, G1¼B (R1), PN 16
  • PT500 2-wire
  • Battery, 24V or 230V supplied power
  • Signal cable (2.5)
  • RHI Suitable
  • MID approved (Class 2)
  • Versatile heat energy flow meter
  • Suitable for water-based systems with temps from 2°C to 130°C
  • A range of output modules and up to two per flow meter, top & base modules
  • PT500 2-wire
  • Modules provide flexibility
  • Sub-zero temperature fluids
  • Auto detect
  • Temperature range
  • You only need one type of meter in stock
  • Data logger

1” BSP Kamstrup Multical 603 Heat Meter, qp 3.5

This MID Class 2 and EN1434 approved 25mm (1”) Kamstrup Multical 603 Heat Meter (qp 3.5 m3/hr) with threaded ULTRAFLOW 54 ultrasonic flow sensor and signal cable (2.5m) is ideal for installations that require additional communication options. Have you thought about data collection, remote meter reading and billing services?

The Kamstrup multical 603 exhibits a user friendly design which provides instant access to data.

  • Fully programmable data logger with minute loggers
  • 2 second integration interval
  • Up to 16 years battery lifetime at a reading interval down to 10 seconds
  • Possibility of built-in M-Bus

Package contents

Included with Energy Meter – Integrator with power supply (battery / 24V / 230V), 1.5m PT500 pocket temperature sensors (pair), ½” BSP pockets (65mm) and a mounting bracket unless other selections are made below:

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