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320mm ABLE ARHC-1-D Duct Mount Humidity / Temperature Transmitter, 1% Acc

The ARHC-1-D humidity / temperature transmitter comes with dual channel 4 to 20 mA two wire outputs, a 320mm sensor stem and is suitable for duct mount HVAC / BMS applications. The humidity sensor is a thin film polymer capacitive element which, due to the chemical structure of the polymer, has an inherent stability over the human comfort zone range. The sensor exhibits very low calibration drift, even in adverse environmental conditions and its resistance value changes logarithmically in response to fluctuations in relative humidity for optimum resolution. Temperature measurement is via a highly reliable PT100 RTD. Prior to delivery, all transmitters are individually calibrated to internationally traceable standards by a qualified ABLE technician using a divided flow humidity generator referenced to a chilled mirror hygrometer. An installation / wiring guide is provided within the packaging.


  • ABLE ARHC-1-D Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
  • Dual 4-20mA loops for relative humidity and temperature
  • Thin film polymer capacitance sensor
  • Temperature sensor PT100 RTD
  • 1% accuracy
  • Duct Mount version
  • 320mm stem
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