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ABLE ALO-20K Wall Mount Outdoor Light Sensor, 10-20000 Lux

The ALO-20K (10 – 20000 Lux) is a highly accurate wall mount lux light level sensor which can be used for monitoring and control applications. The built-in colour correction filter gives an excellent approximation to human eye spectral response and the sensor has excellent linearity and low dark current. The enclosure is IP67 rated and the ALO-20K works in -25°C to +70°C temperature range / humidity 0% RH to 95% RH, making it ideal for outdoor use. The light sensor comes with a 4-20mA output and is individually calibrated to internationally traceable standards by a qualified ABLE technician before delivery is made. Furthermore, batch calibration certificates are available if requested.


  • ABLE ALO-20K Light Sensor, 10-20000 Lux
  • Comes with 4-20mA output
  • Wall / Surface mount
  • Outdoor enclosure IP67
  • -25°C to +70°C temperature range
  • 0% RH to 95% RH range
  • Batch calibration certificates available
  • Excellent linearity
  • Low dark current
  • Built in colour correction filter gives excellent approximation to human eye spectral response
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