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Package Contents

  • AZI Computrac Vapor Pro XL Moisture Specific Analyser
  • Accessory kit
  • Operation manual

AZI Computrac Vapor Pro XL Moisture Specific Analyser

The Computrac Vapor Pro XL uses a moisture specific sensor to eliminate common interferences and ascertain the amount of moisture in a substance. It also has built in statistical analysis, which is particularly useful when evaluating the reliability of manufacturing process overtime. The VPXL is ideal for any application in which Karl Fischer (KF) titration is used but unlike KF, the Vapor Pro doesn’t use any expensive, hazardous chemicals or costly Grade A glassware. Manual calibration to international standards can be carried out by the operator using NIST traceable capillary tubes.

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For your info, ABLE are the European Service Centre for Arizona Instruments’ Computrac Range of moisture in solids analysers including ‘loss on drying’ (LOD) and ‘moisture specific’ measurement. We offer a full applications consultancy service with instruments configured to the customers’ bespoke requirements. Email us now at [email protected]

From plastics to petroleum products, pharmaceuticals to chemicals, the VPXL is ideal for a wide range of applications where moisture levels are low and water measurement by LOD would be compromised by the loss of other volatiles on heating of the sample.

The key to even faster test times is a standard feature on the VPXL, flexible ending criteria of prediction, rate and time are user programmable and assist with performance optimisation.


  • Offers moisture specific analysis that correlates well with Karl Fischer
  • Moisture range: 10 ppm (10 μg | 0.001%) to 100%
  • Colour LCD touchscreen and an intuitive interface
  • Upgraded heater, which increases the upper limit for testing temperatures to 300°C
  • Test samples without removing them from sample vials
  • Stores up to 250 test programs and retains the last 1000 test results
  • Built in self diagnostics