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Package Contents

  • AZI Jerome J505 Mercury Vapour Analyser
  • Accessory kit
  • Line cord
  • Operation manual

AZI Jerome J505 Mercury Vapour Analyser

Durable, lightweight and easy to use — the Jerome J505 incorporates the advanced mercury detection capabilities of sophisticated benchtop analysers into a compact, portable device. It can detect mercury at levels as low as 0.05 µg/m3, which meets and exceeds standards for industrial and residential remediation as well as well as OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH and MSHA action levels. Because the J505 uses atomic fluorescence, there is no need for a regeneration step with its associated downtime and the highly efficient optical cell requires less flow to purge the system. This allows the J505 to run at a lower flow rate, minimising sample dilution and delivering highly repeatable readings even at very low concentrations.

The advanced technology of the Jerome J505 eliminates nearly all interferences, ensuring you get accurate and repeatable results whether in the field or in the lab. The detection cell is also smaller, lighter and more durable than atomic absorption units.


  • Meets EPA & ATSDR Clean Up Levels
  • Flexible data handling
  • A choice between Two Independently Adjustable High Limit Alarms
  • Programmable auto sampling mode (ASM)
  • Choice of 3 Units of Measurement (nanograms, micrograms, milligrams)
  • Colour Display with easy to use menu system
  • Battery Operation for 10+ Hours, Battery Charges in 3 Hours or Less
  • A USB Keyboard can be used for easy entry of Locations
  • Integrated data logging Saves all test results