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  • Dual relay outputs
  • Overrun compensation
  • Remote operation
  • No flow alarm
  • Custom headers for ticket printing
  • Displays batch total, preset quantity, flow rate and accumulated total
  • RS485 & RS232 output
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Software control of flow input type and output voltage
  • Universal mains input voltage
  • Optional 4-20mA output

Contrec 424 Batch Controller

This Contrec 424 Field Mounted Batch Controller is suited to flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities is required. Batch total, flow rate, accumulated total and preset value can all be displayed in engineering units on the large LCD display. The 424 features a scaleable pulse output as standard for connection to 3rd party systems such as DCS, SCADA and PLC’s.

The 424 is a high accuracy Batch Controller designed to operate with digital output flowmeters. Having an IP65 weatherproof fascia, new tactile keyboard and various mounting options, the Contrec 424 is perfect for the most arduous of installations.

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