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  • Panel mount (safe area) enclosure
  • 4 logic inputs, 2 isolated outputs, 4 relays, real-time clock data logging, RS232 (DB9) and RS485 communication ports
  • Electromechanical relays only
  • Universal 110/240 VAC or 12-28 VDC power supply
  • Standard Backlight and LCD back up display
  • No PCB protection – Suitable for IEC standard 654-1 climatic conditions up to Class B2 (heated and/or cooled enclosed locations)
  • BC01 software pack

Contrec 515-BC01 Dual Stage Batch Controller

This is a panel mount Contrec 515 dual stage 4-20 mA batch controller with 15.5mm high digits on a backlit LCD and IP65 protection that is suitable for fast batch applications. This compact panel mount batch controller has a large 7-digit numeric and 11-character alphanumeric display with a very wide viewing angle. Operating over a wide temperature range of +5 °C to +40 °C (standard – no coating), the Contrec 515 contains the BC01 software pack and many standard features previously only available as options.

The Contrec 515 provides the operator with clear local readout and can be controlled via communications in more automated systems. There is quick access to commonly used preset values directly from the front panel if access has been authorised. Automatic overrun compensation caters for system delays such as valve closure for precise volumes.

The Contrec 515 is compatible with a wide range of flowmeter frequency outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, pulse, Namur proximity switches and analog signals. Inputs can be scaled, filtered and have non linear correction applied. Square law and cutoff points can also be applied to the analog input.

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  • Handle future pre-arranged ‘call off’ quantities for expedient delivery
  • Offer after sales support utilising our in-house expertise
  • Offer training into how the dual stage batch controller can be used via a zoom call in our state-of the art training rig

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  • Caters for volumetric frequency flow inputs from frequency or analog flowmeters
  • Single or Dual stage control
  • Quick access to common batch quantities
  • No-flow, leakage and overflow error detection
  • Remote RUN/STOP/RESET and BATCH SET functions
  • Storage of 1000 transactions with time and date stamp
  • Selection of Detail or Basic main menu to suit operator and application
  • Selectable protocols on serial ports including Modbus RTU and Printer output
  • Backlit display with LCD backup
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