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CorDEX MONITIR MN4100 Industrial Automation Thermal Imager

The MN4100 Automation Imager is compact and lightweight making it the ideal choice for viewing thermal images within industrial environments. It can be used for many applications such as plant automation, security, home automation and marine. The MN4100 Automation Imager can be integrated into Modbus/TCP compatible control systems thanks to the prewritten PLC Function Blocks that provide communication, measurement, and analysis.

The MN4100 Automation Imager is a low-cost infrared automation solution that has a standard measurement range of between -10 and +120C (14 to 248F). Furthermore, thanks to the onboard grid alarms, web server, PLC interface and dedicated MONITIR software, this MN4100 Automation Imager will eliminate equipment failure and outages.

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