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  • Ecom Cube 800 Intrinsically Safe Hands-Free Camera
  • Power Supply & USB-Cable
  • 48GB onboard storage
  • Necessary documentation

Ecom Cube 800 Intrinsically Safe Hands-Free Camera

This Ecom Cube 800 intrinsically safe (Zone 1) hands-free camera is a wearable device, with both optical and thermal imager modes built in, for Zone 1/21 and DIV 1 areas. In addition, it meets all important global hazardous location and regulatory certifications. The integrated thermal imaging camera provides infrastructure health analysis and trending information while the optical camera provides HD video and images. The integrated light ring and laser aiming pointer ensures high quality visuals. Furthermore, the magnetic auto-latch mount provides an easy and secure way to attach the CUBE 800 to hardhat and headband accessories and the multi-purpose design allows for hands-free, handheld, and monopod use to capture visuals in hard to reach places.

Did you know? The CUBE 800 can be used to share live video and images during Onsight collaboration sessions or offline to capture and securely store images and recordings onboard. Simply pair the CUBE 800 to a ‘Librestream Onsight Connect’ enabled mobile device such as the Smart-Ex 02 or Tab-Ex for remote mentoring. Learn more.

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ABLE are the leading technical partner and distributor for Ecom Instruments within the UK and can assist you and your customers in the following areas:

  • Handle future pre-arranged ‘call off’ quantities for expedient delivery
  • Offer after sales support utilising our in-house expertise
  • Offer training into how the Cube 800 can be used, via a zoom call in our state-of the art training rig

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  • Zone 1 certified
  • Efficient cooperation with mobile devices such as the Smart-Ex® 02
  • Dual camera system with HD optics and thermal imaging technology
  • Remote collaboration with experts via Onsight Connect possible
  • Integrated laser pointer and light ring
  • Multi Use Design: Mount to a helmet or headband for hands-free, attach a monopod, or use handheld for hard to reach areas
  • Record video and store pictures in a central knowledge base
  • Rechargeable 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 13 MP camera (3 x digital zoom)
  • 48 GB onboard storage
  • 6 foot drop to concrete at 20°C
  • IP64
  • P+F Part Number: 70144024
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