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G½ VEGASWING 51 Vibrating Level Switch, -40 to +100°C

This G ½ threaded VEGASWING 51 is a universal vibrating level switch for liquids with a density of between 0.5 and 2.5 g/cm³ (0.018 and 0.09 lbs/in³). It can be used as an empty or full detector where it reliably detects limit level to within millimetres. Additional applications include approved overfill protection, dry run protection and pump protection.

This VEGASWING 51 vibrating level switch has a process temperature range of between -40 and 100°C. Furthermore, the product-independent switching point allows for precise and reliable measurements and low maintenance costs.


  • Approval: without
  • Version / Process temperature: Standard / -40…+100°C
  • Process fitting / Material: Thread G½ PN64, DIN3852-A / 316L
  • Electronics: Transistor PNP 9.6…35V DC
  • Housing material: 316L
  • Electrical connection / Protection: according to ISO4400 incl. plug / IP65
  • Switching point: Standard
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