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G¾ VEGACAP 64 Capacitive Rod Electrode, -50 to +150°C

The VEGACAP 64 is a capacitive rod electrode for point level detection of adhesive, non-abrasive liquids and lightweight bulk solids. It is made out of robust materials, giving it extreme longevity with minimal maintenance requirements.

Measurement is taken over the entire probe length, giving the VEGACAP 64 capacitive rod electrode an excellent measuring range of 4m. It also has a broad temperature range of -50 to 150°C. Additionally, the VEGACAP 64 is insensitive to build up of materials, which means that you don’t have to clean it as much as other capacitive rod electrode models.


  • Measurement is insensitive to buildup meaning reduced cleaning cycles
  • Robust design gives the VEGACAP 64 a long lifespan with low maintenance
  • Measurement is taken over the full length of probe making maximum use of the vessel


  • Approval: without
  • Version / Process temperature: PTFE insulation / -50…+150°C
  • Process fitting / Material: Thread G¾ PN64, DIN3852-A / 316L
  • Length (from seal surface): 300mm
  • Active rod length: 50mm
  • Electronics: Relay (DPDT) 20 … 72 V DC/20 … 253 V AC (3A)
  • Housing / Protection: Plastic single chamber / IP66/IP67
  • Cable entry / Cable gland / Plug connection: M20x1.5 / with / without
  • Additional equipment: without
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