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G¾ VEGASWING 61 Vibrating Level Switch, -50 to +150°C

This G¾ threaded VEGASWING 61 is a universal vibrating level switch used for measuring liquids with densities of between 0.5 and 2.5 g/cm³ (0.018 … 0.09 lbs/in³). It has a reliable accuracy limit to within millimetres and requires minimal maintenance, which helps to keeps costs low.

This VEGASWING 61 vibrating level switch has a processing temperature range of between -50 and 150°C. It has been designed using high quality materials which make it very durable.


  • Approval: without
  • Process fitting / Material: Thread G¾ PN64, DIN3852-A / 316L
  • Adapter / Process temperature: without / -50…+150°C
  • Housing / Protection / Cable gland: Plastic single chamber IP66/67 / M20x1.5
  • Electronics: Relay (DPDT) 20…72V DC/20…250V AC (3A)
  • Switching point: Standard
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