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G1½ VEGAVIB 61 Vibrating Level Switch, -50 to +150°C

The VEGAVIB 61 is a vibrating level switch for granular and coarse-grained bulk solids. The VEGAVIB 61 will accurately detect the minimum or maximum level. The rod itself is smooth and rounded, with no sharp edges, which avoids jamming of the bulk solid and is easy to clean.

The VEGAVIB 61 has low maintenance costs as well as a simple set up, saving you time. This particular vibrating level switch can handle temperatures from -50 up to 150°C.


  • Approval: without
  • Version / Process temperature: Standard / -50…+150°C
  • Process fitting / Material: Thread G1½ PN16, DIN3852-A / 316L, switching point as VEGAVIB 51
  • Electronics: Relay (DPDT) 20…72V DC / 20…253V AC (3A)
  • Housing / Protection: Plastic single chamber / IP66/IP67
  • Cable entry / Cable gland / Plug connection: M20x1.5 / with / without
  • Additional equipment : without
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