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G1½ VEGAWAVE S 61 Vibrating Level Switch, -50 to +150°C, 1000mm

This VEGAWAVE S 61 with 1000mm sensor length is used as a level switch in free flowing powders and fine-grained solids. It will detect reliably and accurately when a point level is reached. The design of this product makes it ideal for coarse products and is ideal for use in adhesive and abrasive products like grain, fine aggregates, sand and heavy powders such as cement and metal oxides.

The tuning rod vibrates at a fixed amplitude, if the rod is covered by product the change in amplitude is detected and converted to a switch signal. This VEGAWAVE S 61 has stainless steel process parts, will avoid build up and sticking materials and handle temperatures up to 150°C.


  • Approval: without
  • Process fitting / Material: Thread G1½ PN25, DIN3852-A
  • Electronics: Relay (DPDT) 20…72V DC / 20…253V AC (3A)
  • Sensor length: 1000 mm
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