Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter

Kamstrup Multical 302 heat meters are all MID and RHI compliant. They are extremely compact and can be rotated so that they fit easily into any tight sub-metering installation. They can be used in conjunction with both PN16 and PN25 systems and, thanks to their robust design, will operate at temperatures of up to 130°C.

Each Kamstrup Multical 302 heat meter has low annual running costs and excellent longevity, without the need for maintenance. If you’re a HVAC wholesaler looking to accurately measure heat in water based systems where space is limited (for example apartments and heat interface units) then this range of Kamstrup Multical 302 heat meters are for you.

Did you know? In conjunction with Kamstrup meters and accessories 247able offer a range of energy services.

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