Kamstrup Multical 801 Heat Meter

Our range of Kamstrup Multical 801 heat meters are the ideal solution for commercial / industrial applications and are all MID (Class 2) and RHI compliant. The Multical 801 remains functional up to 30,000 m³/h and is used for measurement of heat in all water based systems with temperatures between 2°C – 180°C.

With optional four analogue outputs and two plug-in modules, these Kamstrup Multical 801 heat meters can simultaneously measure GSM, M-Bus, RadioRouter and LonWorks as well as pulse inputs for electricity and water meters. These heat meters comply with EN 1434:2007 Class C and M1, E1 and E2.

Did you know? In conjunction with Kamstrup meters and accessories 247able offer a range of energy services.

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