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  • Flow Range (Linear): 0.18 to 1.8 L/min
  • Approximate K Factor: 20,700 Litres
  • Linearity: ±1.0% over 8.1 range
  • Repeatability: ±0.25%
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°C

Nixon NS500 Pelton Wheel Turbine Flow Meter, 0.18 – 1.8 L/min

This Nixon NS500/063 Pelton Wheel Turbine Flow Meter from Nixon Flowmeters operates on the Pelton wheel principle for low flow rate requirements on low viscosity fluids. Construction is in stainless steel as standard and the turbine flow meter can be used for additive flows, fuel consumption metering, perfumes and colourings applications. The Nixon flow meter has a linear flow range of 0.18 – 1.8 litres/min. with an approx K-factor of 20,700 Litres.

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