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United Electric 1XSWLL-THC-W074-M270 One Series ATEX Temperature Switch

The United Electric (UE) One Series allows you to choose from explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and non-incendive models that monitor gauge pressure, differential pressure or temperature. With an integral digital display and 4-20 mA output, the United Electric One Series can effectively do the job of three – replacing a switch, a gauge and a transmitter.


  • 2-wire, discrete input powered switch for 24 and 48 VDC logic solver inputs
  • Programmable set point switch rated at 7.8 – 50.0 VDC @ 0.1 A max
  • IAW™ health status fail-safe-open switch rated at 7.8 – 50.0 VDC @ 0.1 A wired separately to the logic solver
  • -40 to 1000ºF/-40 to 538ºC
  • 1/2” NPT male union connector for use with all TR, TH and TC sensors
  • Display units, degrees C
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