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  • LoRaWAN local version – Up to 100 in points
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Unify field communication protocols with a smart converter
  • White-label product available
  • Unify field communication protocols through the smart converter
  • Set scheduled in a simple and unified manner regardless of equipment brand and model
  • Configure your device by USB

Wattsense Hub IoT Gateway – LoRaWAN Local Version

Create your own BMS control system with this LoRaWAN Local Version ‘Wattsense Hub’ IoT Gateway. This intuitive IoT gateway enables you to easily integrate and manage all your LoRaWAN enabled smart energy meters in one place. With a user-friendly interface you can build your BMS control system quickly by connecting field devices in just a few clicks. The Wattsense Hub is configured by USB, allowing you to update and control your building management systems on premise.

Combining the functions of a gateway, PLC, modem and an edge device, the Wattsense Hub is ideal for those looking to create a future proof BMS control system. Collect data and control equipment across existing and new BMS infrastructure with the Wattsense Hub.

This particular version is designed to provide you with the ability to add LoRaWAN to your existing building management system and also supports the connection of the following protocols:

In Protocols (up to 100 points):

  • LoRaWAN Connectivity

Out Protocols (unlimited points):

  • MQTT
  • BACnet
  • Modbus

Other features:

  • Configuration Wizard
  • Schedule Wizard
  • 4G Modem

Please note: There are two versions of the Wattsense system available; the ‘Hub’ is a stand-alone device that does not need an internet connection and has to be managed over a USB cable. The ‘Box’ is a centrally managed device you can configure and maintain over the internet using Wattsense’s cloud platform.

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