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Weka Magnetic Visual Level Indicator / Gauge

ABLE Instruments are the authorised representative for WEKA AG in the UK. WEKA’s range of magnetic level gauges provide well-defined indication of liquid level in the comprehensive array of chamber configuration required to suit all process connections. Standard chamber designs or bespoke chamber configurations can be fabricated on short lead times to address individual customer requirements. Regular options include switches, reed chain transmitters, magnetostrictive transmitters or insulation for cryogenic applications. Exotic chamber materials or economic ‘mini’ chamber versions, particularly for refridgeration applications, are also available.

Operating on the principle of conductivity, magnetic level gauges consist of 3 main components: the chamber, the float, and the indicator. The chamber is the main component and can be constructed of any non-magnetic material. It is typically mounted to the side of the vessel, with the liquid level in the chamber set up to match the liquid level in the vessel. While similar to a traditional sight glass in this way, magnetic level gauges can handle some of the more extreme applications, such as ones with highly corrosive or hazardous materials.

The WEKA magnetic level indicator incorporates a float which contains an integral magnet. The buoyant float rises and falls with the liquid or interface level whilst the magnet ‘flips’ the indication mounted externally to the chamber. The silver and red indication flaps represent air and liquid or the interface level respectively. The magnetic level indicators can be mounted in various orientations, typically onto the side or top of a vessel.

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ABLE offer the complete WEKA MLI portfolio, including their most basic range, the EconomyLine. Also available are:

  • SmartLine – a VLI with a tube diameter of an inch. The “small, clever” magnetic level indicator for pressures up to 50 bar (5 Mpa)
  • StandardLine – Whether water or heating oil, whether toxic or explosive (ATEX / IECEx) – for pressures up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 400, for WEKA devices, all this is standard.
  • HighPressureLine – The standard for operating pressures of 50 bar to 200 bar and operating temperatures up to 400°C
  • PetroLine – When special materials, such as 904L, 6Mo or similar, are required for their resistance to aggressive media, the pipes can often be acquired only in dimensions pursuant to ASME B36.10 (schedule dimensions). This is where the PetroLine comes in. With pressure ratings from 20 bar to 150 bar (2 MPa to 15 MPa) as standard. The name is indicative of the industry served.
  • LowDensityLine – A product designed to meet the specific needs of the petrochemical and refrigerant industry.


  • Screwed or flanged (ANSI or DIN) process connections
  • Pressures up to 630 bar
  • Temperatures to 450°C
  • Minimum S.G. 0.30
  • Suitable for intrinsically safe and Exd hazardous areas
  • Custom chamber designs available
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