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  • Uses HTF™ sensor technology
  • Capable of liquid hydrocarbon measurements
  • Programmable alarm signal
  • Temperature compensated calibration
  • Digital communications (HART protocol)
  • Analogue communications (4-20mA)

Xentaur Model HDT Dew Point Meter

The Xentaur model HDT is a rugged and unique loop powered dew point meter capable of both gas and liquid hydrocarbon phase measurements. The HDT is a HART compliant dew point transmitter, providing loop powered analog as well as a digital output. Housed in a 32mm dia. stainless steel housing it has an overall length of 136mm including the Industrial Standard 9.4mm 4-pin connector. The HDT utilises Xentaur’s unique HTF sensor technology which offers dramatic improvements in sensitivity and response time when compared to conventional Aluminium Oxide sensors.

Package contents

This loop powered dew point meter comes with XTR-60 / XTR-100 sensor (choose below), sensor fitting, 2-wire transmitter with HART interface including cable and user manual. Please choose options below.

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