Dew Point Meter - COSA Xentaur XPDM
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  • HTF™ sensor technology
  • Single point calibration
  • 6 different engineering units
  • SpanCheck™ in the field
  • Extremely fast response
  • 100 hours continuous long life battery

Portable Dew Point Meter – Xentaur Model XPDM

This Xentaur model XPDM is a hand-held, battery operated hygrometer designed for applications where fast and accurate dew point measurements must be made. Experience the ease of accurate moisture measurements in gases across a wide range, from -148°F to +68°F (-100°C to +20°C) dew point. What sets the XPDM apart is its use of advanced HTF™ aluminium oxide sensors. These sensors exhibit remarkable water molecule adsorption capabilities, ensuring faster and more efficient measurements compared to traditional desorption methods. A key advantage lies in starting with a dew point sensor that is drier than the gas sample, optimising the measurement process.

The XPDM is engineered to keep the sensor in pristine condition by storing it in a dry environment until the moment of measurement. When needed, the sensor seamlessly transitions from dry storage to the sample cell, never once encountering ambient air. This innovative design not only enhances measurement accuracy but also prolongs the life of the sensor.

Did you know? ABLE has almost 40 year’s experience in the measurement of humidity and more specifically dew point. Key to establishing that level of expertise is understanding that, unlike other process variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow, moisture has two unique characteristics:

  • It is difficult to measure accurately since moisture is directly affected by temperature and pressure
  • Process moisture is often a contaminant and can severely damage processes, equipment and reduce product quality

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