What is the RHI?

RHI stands for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This government initiative provides tax-free payments to those in commercial / industrial and in some cases domestic environments who use renewable technology.

The idea is to reward those who heat their property via means other than fossil fuels, i.e. renewable or sustainable energy. The RHI is open to homeowners, private landlords, registered social housing and self-build projects.

By applying for this initiative you get fixed, tax-free tariffs paid quarterly, for seven years. Depending on the technology you install depends on how much the government will pay you.

To qualify you must have both a green deal assessment and have your technology, such as an RHI or MID approved heat meter installed by an MCS qualified installer.

What is MID?

MID stands for The Measuring Instruments Directive. The purpose of this directive is to create one technique for measuring instruments that benefit manufacturers and customers throughout Europe. MID approved technology comes in many forms including water, gas and electric meters.

MID approved heat meters, such as our Kamstrup range, are used to measure energy consumption in both domestic and non-domestic environments and need to be installed for you to claim the RHI government initiative.

About RHI Compliant and MID Approved Heat Meters

RHI compliant heat meters will accurately monitor the energy consumption of your building. Figures are produced which the government then use to determine your tax-free payment.

The Kamstrup range of RHI compliant heat meters we supply conform to the requirements of the RHI scheme. However there are a few things to consider before installing your RHI compliant heat meter, so please get in touch with us on +44 (0)118 916 9420 or email [email protected] for more information.