Displays / Data Logging

247able offers a large selection of displays and data logging equipment, such as loop powered indicators, batch controllers, rate totalisers and mechanical circular chart recorders with a variety of specifications.
Chart Recorders
247able stock a range of Rototherm Clearscan chart recorders. Rototherm are a world leader in chart recorder technology and have become the standard for accurate measurement across industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Heat Treatment, Dairy and other industrial applications.

Chart recorders are electromechanical devices which record input trends on to paper. We stock single or double pen recorders which are suitable for use in a range of pressure or temperature environments.
Rate Totalisers
Rate totalisers are a reliable and accurate low cost way to monitor important fluid movements. Used with suitable flowmeters, they can provide power free indication of instantaneous flow rate, total flow and accumulated total to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Contrec’s rate totalisers includes the 200 series, all intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas, and the 100 series, an economical, yet highly accurate solution, for non hazardous applications. Both deliver the quality and performance Contrec customers require and expect.
Batch Controllers
247able offers Contrec Batch Controllers, which provide ideal solutions for the accurate dispensing and measurement of fluids for a variety of industries from food and beverage to truck loading.

Their accurate and reliable batch controllers range from the 400 series ideal for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), drum filling and food processing to the 515 series instruments, suitable for more complex batching applications.
Loop Powered Indicators
Our range of UK designed and manufactured loop-powered indicators include BEKA fourth generation models which have even larger displays, more digits and international certification complying with the latest standards for the hazardous area models.

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247able are able to deliver Displays and Data Logging products globally, furthermore, any in-stock UK order placed before 11am will be delivered next day.

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