Moisture In Solids Analysers

ABLE Instruments & Controls are the European Service Centre for Arizona Instruments’ Computrac Range of moisture in solids analysers including ‘loss on drying’ (LOD) and ‘moisture specific’ measurement. We offer a full applications consultancy and repair service with instruments configured to the customers’ bespoke requirements.

Moisture content affects the processibility, shelf-life, usability and quality of a product. Accurate moisture content determination therefore plays a key role in ensuring quality for many industries including Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals. Furthermore, the maximum permissible moisture content in certain products may be governed by legislation (e.g., national food regulations).

There are many stages of the production process where moisture determination benefits the overall quality of the finished product: raw materials, goods-in, storage, in process control, QC, packaging, etc. However, the standard reference method for loss on drying (drying oven method) can take many hours to reach a result.

Rapid loss on drying (LOD) instrumentation has been proven to provide a more desirable method of moisture measurement for industry when compared to traditional loss on drying techniques. The ease of use and reduction in test times increases manufacturing efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy costs. This instrumentation is able to provide real time moisture measurements to help users optimise moisture measurement method.

AZI have a stellar reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality moisture in solids analysers. The renowned Computrac range consists of moisture analysers that are based on two principles of operation: loss on drying (LOD) and a moisture specific, reagent free Karl Fischer alternative.

The premise of this instrumentation is ease of use and reduction in test times to augment manufacturing efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy costs. Computrac technology is able to provide real time measurements to help users optimize their moisture determination, and when  used throughout the production process, quality control can prevent defects before they occur in the final product.

The robust nature of the Computrac family of instruments means its equally at home on the production floor as it is in the laboratory. With an instrument that can withstand the harsh environment of manufacturing, tests can be done on the factory floor, saving you time and money.

The Computrac MAX 4000XL LOD Analyser provides quick, reliable and accurate results. This improves the ability to adjust or monitor processes, ensuring quality products while minimising waste and man-hours. Ease of use and durability, along with superior service and support make the Computrac MAX 4000XL an ideal choice for research, manufacturing and laboratory environments.

The Computrac MAX 5000XL moisture, solids and ash analyser can provide accurate readings for both moisture and ash from a single sample, offering many of the same features of thermogravimetric analysers at a fraction of the cost.

Conventional LOD analysers use Infrared and Halogen heating elements which are prone to wearing out or breaking. MAX series analysers utilise a Nickel Chromium heating element, similar to those found on electric stoves. These are more robust and, in most cases, will last the life of the unit which can be 15+ years.

For some materials when analysed by thermogravimetric measurement, the loss in mass cannot just be selectively assigned to a loss of water because substances other than water may evaporate when heated. This can apply to substances such as plastics, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals and some chemicals. When the original water content is low (0.001% – 0.01), the proportion of other volatiles driven off by LOD methodology can completely skew the measurement. Karl Fisher titration is often used as the standard reference method for such analysis but involves expensive, hazardous chemicals and considerable amounts of costly grade “A” laboratory glassware.

For accurate moisture specific analysis, which correlates to the Karl Fisher method but shares none of its disadvantages, a different technology is required. The Vapor Pro XL delivers improved repeatability, precision, flexibility and an advanced user interface. The Vapor Pro XL is the latest in moisture specific analysis technology from Computrac. The VPXL is ideal for nearly any application in which Karl Fischer titration is used. It features an upgraded heater and increased control over testing temperatures. The VPXL is also compatible with multiple sizes of sample vials and is equipped with stepped temperature testing capabilities for enhanced method development.

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