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  • Accuracy, durability, reliability, consistency and speed
  • Moisture / solids range: 0.1% to 99.9%
  • Ash / LOI Range: 0.5% to 100%
  • Parameter expert (develop parameters to match reference method)
  • Four decimal place balance
  • Real-time graphing of weight loss, rate and end point prediction
  • Self cleaning oven simplifies routine maintenance
  • Ethernet and serial ports, USB

AZI Computrac MAX 5000XL Moisture, Solids & Ash Analyser

The Computrac MAX 5000XL moisture, solids and ash analyser can provide accurate readings for both moisture and ash from a single sample and at the press of a single button, offering many of the same features of thermogravimetric analysers at a fraction of the cost. With a maximum temperature of 600°C and a maximum sample size of 100 grams, the MAX 5000XL has the versatility to perform a wide range of material testing tasks.

Package Contents

This Computrac MAX 5000XL includes an accessory kit containing sample pans, set of test weights, a pair of tweezers, a user’s manual and one line cord. Optional accessories can be chosen below.

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