Energy Metering

247able are a UK based total solution provider of energy metering services and technology, ensuring heat energy suppliers in the property / housing sector maximise their investment. Alongside our comprehensive range of world leading Kamstrup, B Meters and Landis+Gyr equipment, we can help landlords monitor consumption, collect data and handle billing via our remote meter reading ‘SmartPay’ solution with integrated web app. Learn more.

LoRaWAN heat meters

We also now stock a range of LoRaWAN heat meters from Landis+Gyr and B Meters, please see popular models such as the Ultraheat T230, Ultraheat T550 and Hydrosonis-ULC listed below. Feel free to contact us to discuss how a LoRaWAN heat meter can transform your heat metering setup.

Furthermore, as the leading distributor and stockist of Kamstrup meters and spares including RHI compliant and Mid Class 2 approved Kamstrup Multical Heat Meters, meter reading hardware, power supplies and union kits, we can guarantee next day delivery if ordered before 11am.

All available heat and cooling meters are shown in order of pipe size (smallest to largest) below:

Kamstrup Multical 603
Our range of Kamstrup Multical 603 heat meters (RHI) and cooling meters (CHW) are ideal for applications where more communication options are needed. They can be used to calculate energy consumption using pulse flow sensors that feature two or four wired pairs of sensors. When utilising a Ultraflow ultasonic flow sensor, even more functionality is available. These heat meters have advanced functions and can accurately measure energy consumption throughout the life time of the heat meter. These Kamstrup Multical 603 heat meters have more communication options when compared to the 403 and the 302 models.

Kamstrup Multical 403
The Kamstrup Multical 403 heat meter (successor to the popular Multical 402) is the most versatile available in the marketplace. This heat meter allows you to individually configure the inlet and outlet position to the energy unit, cut-off dates as well as many other features on-site. Due to the intuitive, ergonomically designed display panel and improved overall design, the meter is simple to service and install even in the tightest environments. The meter selection ranges from qp 0.6 to qp 15 m³/h allowing it to be used for flats and house as well as larger commercial buildings such as offices.

B Meters Hydrosonis-ULC
The Hydrosonis-ULC from B Meters is a compact ultrasonic thermal energy meter designed to measure heating and cooling. It can be used for commercial metering of energy consumption for local heating systems: in dwelling houses, office buildings, energy plants and similar applications.

Landis+Gyr T230
This new generation of smart residential heat and cooling meters with a composite-flow part is well regarded by customers due to the robust glass-fibre reinforced measuring tube, which is very light and makes the meter easy to handle and simplifies installation. This saves transportation costs and reduces emissions. The T230 has significantly lower pressure losses and a huge dynamic range of 1:1000 meaning all flow rates can precisely be measured.

Landis+Gyr T550
The T550 from Landis+Gyr is a high-precision ultrasonic heat meter developed for every application. The Landis+Gyr ULTRAHEAT T550 (UH50) heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meter has been designed specifically for the varied applications of heat and cold measurement and meets the special requirements of district heating and cooling, local heat and building installation. Whether for a detached house, apartment building or special tariff customer, the dimensions and specific scope of the T550 are always suitable.

With the innovative DuraSurface, the T550 (UH50) is setting new standards in measurement stability as it makes the meter more resistant to dirt deposits. This future-oriented innovation ensures measuring accuracy and maintenance-free operation for many years.

A wide and constantly expanding range of communication modules makes the ULTRAHEAT T550 (UH50) future-proof. Two serial slots allow using parallel communication ways. A standard optical interface allows reading out consumption values over a hand-held terminal and enables a smooth integration in different systems.

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