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  • Micronics Portaflow 333 Portable Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter
  • With ‘B’ type transducers (50-2000mm OD)
  • Includes 100 million point data logger which logs energy and flow, all date and time stamped
  • Cross correlation flow measurement system
  • Display shows flow rate, total flow, signal and battery level
  • Transducer Operating Temp: -20°C to +135°C (high temp -20°C to +200°C available)
  • Flow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directional
  • Sensor cables, blocks and temp sensors: IP54 with IP68 option
  • Display – 64 x 240 pixels graphic display
  • Set-up via 16 key control panel
  • Battery (14 hr life) or mains operation
  • CE approved

50-2000mm Micronics Portaflow 333 Portable Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meter

This Micronics Portaflow 333 Portable Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter with ‘B’ type transducers (50-2000mm OD) and standard IP54 rating comes with an improved data logger and brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow and hydronic energy. The PF333 offers quick and accurate bi-directional flow and energy measurement from outside the pipe with its easy to follow menu and easy installation and set up. This compact, rugged and reliable portable clamp-on flow meter has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments and is suitable for industries such as Building Services and Energy Management and for HVAC / energy system audits. The Portaflow 333 works as a transit time ultrasonic flow meter and is designed to work with clamp-on transducers to provide accurate measurement of liquid flowing within a closed pipe without the need for any mechanical parts to be inserted through the pipe wall. Due to its simple installation, there is no need to shut down flow or drain the system.

Package contents

This portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter with ‘B’ type transducers (50-2000mm OD) includes data logger, battery powered (and includes power supply with UK/US/European adapters, 110/240VAC) and carry case in the package alongside IP54 ingress rating and -20°C to +135°C temp range as standard unless other selections are made below:

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