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Package Contents

  • Jerome 605 hydrogen sulphide analyser
  • Accessory kit
  • Line cord
  • Operation manual

AZI Jerome J605 Hydrogen Sulphide Analyser

The J605 represents the current generation of the Jerome Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Analyser, the go-to instrument for high specificity, parts per billion (ppb) level odour monitoring.

Available in both portable or fixed monitoring configurations, the Jerome J605 utilises the industry proven, patented gold film sensor technology to detect and measure H2S at levels as low as 3ppb with a resolution of 20 parts per trillion (ppt).

The J605 is in active use by many regulatory agencies and landfill, water treatment and waste management facilities across the world. Its durable metal housing and 18-hour battery life and mean the J605 is tough enough for nearly any environment and always ready when required.

Like its sister instrument, the J405 Mercury Vapour Analyser, the J605 offers simple, menu driven operation as well as easy-to-understand diagnostics and error detection. It does not require PC software and comes with a USB interface for easy data transfer.

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For your info, ABLE are Ametek Brookfield’s Official European Service Centre for the Jerome Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Analyser and provide a fully traceable calibration and repair facility from our Reading office. Email us now at [email protected]


  • Patented gold film sensor – validated in the field and in the laboratory for over 35 years.
  • Used by many water treatment, landfill, waste management companies and regulatory bodies such as the EA, SEPA & Natural Resources Wales
  • 3 ppb to 10ppm detection range
  • Intuitive interface for simple, menu driven operation
  • Integrated data logging system for 20,000 samples
  • USB data transfer, and SCADA interface capabilities through 4-20ma output
  • Battery powered sensor regeneration
  • 18-hour battery life