CorDEX EXIS-740 intrinsically safe battery pack – Now in stock

Announcements  |  Monday, 3rd October

After the much-anticipated launch of the EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery Pack by CorDEX Instruments last year, we are pleased to announce that this ‘hot-swappable’ power source is now available on Compatible with the CorDEX lighting range, this intelligent power supply is interchangeable even when in the hazardous area.

Have you ever been working in the field and had your equipment stop working due to a dead battery? Of course you have. Every engineer has experienced this issue. The frustrating thing is that although your battery is removable, it can’t be changed without returning to non-hazardous area. This means wasting substantial time and money transporting to and from the hazardous location in order to change a battery.

For equipment with integral batteries, this annoyance is compounded further, as the tool must return to the non-hazardous area and charged. To avoid rendering this time period useless the only solution would be to have a second tool, which is simply too expensive.

The solution available on 247able

At last, there is an answer to this irritating issue. A solution that will save you time, money and let you continue working in the field without interruption. The CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery, now available on 247able.

After over two years of research and development, CorDEX Instruments, alongside EXIS Energy Ltd, have created tools that are set to transform how I.S. lighting equipment is used. The extra long life EXIS lithium ion battery can easily be removed and replaced within hazardous areas. This process of safely removing the battery is called ‘hot-swapping’.

Not only this, you can also interchange the battery between any of the intrinsically safe equipment in the GENESIS lighting range. This is a much more efficient way of working used by the majority of non-IS power tools of today. With 3000 mAh, this innovative lithium battery can power the full range of CorDEX lighting products. Simply clip it on to your belt and ‘hot-swap’ between products such as the GENESIS I.S. lantern and GENESIS I.S. worklight. Simple. Efficient. Safe.

Don’t let a battery dictate your working day any longer. Look out for the EXIS+ logo on our CorDEX range and ensure your tools start working for you.


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