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Rheonik RHE46 Mass Flow Transmitter

ABLE Instruments are the official UK representative for Rheonik GmbH, including the RHE 46 Mass Flow Transmitter. Compact, cost effective and highly accurate, the RHE 46 offers the full range of features of the Rheonik 40 series, while being easy to install in a DIN rail. With its advanced digital signal processing, the RHE 46 can achieve an ultimate measurement uncertainty of 0.05% for mass flow, making it ideal for bottling or any type of highly accurate/reliable flow or density measurement in plants.

Designed for easy integration into existing systems, the transmitter has a range of outputs and interfaces such as PC USB/RHECom, ProfiNet and EtherNet/IP. Its compatibility with various systems simplifies the integration process. The RHE 46 is characterized by its high precision in mass flow measurements, underlining its reliability and accuracy in critical measurements.


  • Easy and cost-effective DIN Rail mount
  • All-Digital Coriolis Transmitter incl. real time clock with advanced signal processing for ultimate measurement performance
  • Connects to any Rheonik Coriolis sensor
  • Multifunction performance provides simultaneous mass flow, volumetric flow, density and temperature measurements
  • 8 totalisers – 2 non-resettable, 6 for mass/volume (positive, negative, net flow)
  • 4-20mA (active or passive), pulse, frequency, status outputs plus digital inputs
  • Wide interface choices from USB over Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, ProfiNet and EtherNet/IP
  • License-free RHECom Software package version for configuration and servicing
  • RHEComPro+ Software Suite for extended diagnostics and features
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