Dew Point Meters

For four decades now ABLE has specialised in this complex measurement, delivering trace moisture metrology solutions across the process industries and to the traceable calibration laboratories.

ABLE is the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Xentaur’s revered Hyper Thin Film (HTF) Aluminium Oxide (AL2O3) Sensor range of dew point transmitters and portable instruments. The HTF technology represents a significant breakthrough in thin film and metal oxide science and offers marked performance advantages over all other AL2O3 sensors.

As the term implies, it is the climate point at which the relative air humidity equals 100% and begins to condense. The dew point is given in °C Td. The dew point temperature is a measurement of the water vapour content in a gas. If air is compressed or expanded, its dew point temperature changes. If air is compressed, it is able to absorb less water and the dew point rises until the air is saturated and begins to condense. In this connection, the term pressure dew point measurement is also used to describe measurement of the dew point in gases above the ambient temperature.

Environmental conditions can determine the effectiveness of many industrial applications, which is why dew point measurement to monitor the dew point is essential in many trades. For example, the dew point, defined as the temperature at which air moisture begins to condense, is a significant factor in HVAC, heating, venting and cooling technologies. It is also important in determining potential corrosion in metals, and in numerous chemical manufacturing processes. Because of its vital role in vast processes, precise dew point measurement tools have become a fundamental utility in everyday industrial functions.

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